Dirschl und Starzinger

Dirschl und Starzinger

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Starzinger Instruments

Apple Powerbook
with Ableton Live

First of all: My Apple PowerBook. All the recordings go into that thing with the superb application Ableton Live. These two companies saved my life! No Joke.

Höfner 4580

Still my beloved "Bigsby-Höfner" because it has a Bigsby-like Tremolo. This wonderful guitar is recorded in our track Tigers . Here is a site of this guitar.

Höfner 175

Yeah! The Höfner 175 - in it´s time (1963 built!) it was a cheap "copy" of a strat. Fender never had the artificial queue leather... Some kind of german "Tanzband" was 1963 playing it. Now it has found its destination! Look at another one of that model here. Click here for infos on old höfner guitars in general.